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  • What does your company specialize in?
    Our company specializes in aggressive, timid, handicap and elderly animals. Our gentle and experienced team members patiently work with your pet to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible throughout the grooming process. We welcome any pet that has been previously expelled or told that they need to be sedated by other shops - hence our slogan, “If We Can't Do It, No-One Can!”
  • Why is cat grooming so expensive?
    Cat grooming is expensive because it is a dangerous service. When a cat is taken out of its environment it can become aggressive. Our cat groomers have been hospitalized on several occasions for bites. Cats carry bacteria in their mouths and when they bite, they puncture skin and leave deep wounds underneath. When the puncture seals over, it can trap the bacteria in the deep wounds and cause infection under the skin. Our prices account for the risk our groomers take when they engage with an animal that could be aggressive and cause injury. Pictured below is just one of Megan Brainard’s (company owner) many cat bites.
  • How does the nail trimming process work?
    All nail trims are walk-in only, but cats and small animals require a call ahead of time to ensure that a specialized groomer is onsite. One of our groomers will step away from their work to assist a walk-in customer as soon as they are able. The process usually takes 10-15 minutes. We also do nail trims for walk-in customers at the Chuck & Don's Coon Rapids Riverdale location, the first and third Tuesday of every month from 5-7 p.m.
  • How often should I bring my dog in to be groomed?
    On average, most de-shed dogs and single coat haircut dogs should be groomed every 3-4 months. Dogs absorb allergens through their skin; sand, dirt and oil also build up in their coat. This accumulation will cause matting and odor. Regular grooming will prevent matting and keep your dog happy and healthy by reducing skin allergies and dandruff.
  • How long does grooming usually take?
    On average, the grooming process takes 2-4 hours depending on the breed, condition of coat and behavior of animal. We begin grooming as soon as your pet arrives, but we give sensitive clients breaks when needed so they don’t get overwhelmed. We try to work quickly, but the safety and comfort of your animal is our priority. We will give you a call when we are finished and your pet is ready to be picked up.
  • What is "matting" and why do you charge extra for it?"
    "Matting" refers to dense tangled clumps of hair that form on an animal. These clumps consist of loose fur and dead skin. Mats often develop on a part of animal that undergoes frequent rubbing or movement. Although matting is common, it is a serious issue and must be addressed as soon as possible. Mats will tighten over time and cause your pet pain, stress and discomfort. De-matting costs extra because it takes more time and requires more experience. Groomers must carefully maneuver their clippers under the matted fur to remove the clump. This process is difficult because they must work close to the skin while also being careful not to puncture it. The temperament of the animal can also make the process more challenging and time consuming. We charge more for cat matting because cats are typically less cooperative and require a skilled and cautious groomer. Unlike a dog, the skin of a cat is very thin and it is not connected to the muscle. If a cat’s skin gets punctured by the blade, it can cause a long tear that may require stitches. Our prices account for the extra time, patience and training de-matting requires.
  • Can I stay in the shop while my pet is being groomed?
    While both of our grooming spaces are designed to be open concept, we do not recommend that you stay for the duration of your pet’s appointment. Our groomers work with sharp tools and pets typically become excited and uncooperative when they see that their owners are near. For your pet’s safety, we ask that you please wait outside of the shop until the grooming process is complete.
  • Do you treat fleas?
    We do not treat fleas at our facilities. Any pet brought to us with fleas will be returned back to their owner. If you suspect that your animal has fleas, please give them a flea and tick liquid spot on treatment and wait at least two days before bringing them in. We will be happy to groom your pet after they have been treated.
  • Do you sedate the animals?
    We do not sedate the animals we groom. If a customer opts to sedate their animal prior to their appointment, we will accept them. However, we recommend that new clients bring their pets in without sedation first. If we find that the grooming process becomes too challenging, we will then suggest that you speak with your veterinarian about sedation options.
  • Do you offer mobile grooming?
    We do not currently offer mobile grooming as a service. All of our grooming is done at our shop locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

See What People Are Saying About Us

Client, Kelly D.

"Hands down, best pet groomer in town!  I brought my three legged cat in this summer for his annual lion cut.  The groomer was amazing!  My cat was done within a few hours of drop off and the price couldn't be beat!  He looked amazing and they were able to work around the sensitive area where his leg was amputated.  A big thanks to the fabulous staff for taking such great care of my furry friend.  I will be back soon!"


Client, Reya Laing

"This is such a wonderful local business! I don't think the prices can be beat. Especially with such great personal service! They took such fabulous care of my 3 rescue dogs. Each with their own special personalities and, dare I say, issues. ;) I knew that I'd always be back when instead of acting traumatized after a grooming (as they usually do) each of my fur babies acted like they were just visiting friends!"


Client, Dee Enebo

"I just can’t say enough great things about this business. I just picked up my two Newfoundlands after their first grooming session at K-9 & Kitty Kutters and they look beautiful. They had a lot of hair that needed washing and brushing and they were returned to me happy and gorgeous and even had little bows on their collars.  Thank you again for everything, we will sing your praises often and be back soon."

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