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Feeding Guinea Pig

Small Animal Grooming

The following is a list of average small animal price quotes; prices may vary. The Bath & Brush-Out & Matted Coat Shave include a bath & nail trim. Nail trims only cost as an individual service. Please see the bottom of the page for details.

Bunny & Guinea Pig Grooming 

Bunny Matted Coat Shave & or Brush-Out 


Guinea Pig Bath & Brush-Out     

Nail Trim 


$85.00 - $150.00

$50.00 +



guinea pig grooming Minneapolis Andover
bunny grooming Minneapolis Andover

*Will charge extra if animal is aggressive, difficult, matted & or pelted.

*Please make all small animal appointments with Megan Brainard.

*Nail trims are walk-in only; contact shops first to ensure Megan is onsite.

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